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Our commitment extends to ensuring both people and the planet are respected every step of the way..


A world where ethical practices are the norm, and quality is never compromised.


To revolutionize global trade with integrity, sustainability, and innovation.

We meticulously monitor our supply chain to guarantee fair labor practices and environmental stewardship, adhering strictly to international sustainability standards.

we’ve successfully partnered with businesses
globally to achieve mutual success.

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Paromita Banarjee Sarkar

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Angshuman Sarkar

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Our Expertise, Your Success

Our team of seasoned export consultants possesses unparalleled experience in navigating the complexities of international trade. We provide a comprehensive suite of services designed to streamline your export journey

Market Research and
Partner Identification

We meticulously analyze global markets to identify the ideal destinations for your products, pinpointing regions with high demand and the most lucrative opportunities.

Export Strategy and

We devise a customized export strategy tailored to your specific goals, ensuring seamless compliance with all international regulations and customs procedures.

Logistics and Supply
Chain Management

We handle the intricate logistics of international shipping, ensuring your products reach their destination efficiently and cost effectively.

Marketing and Sales

We leverage our global network to connect you with potential buyers and distributors, opening doors to new markets and fostering long term partnerships.